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Commercial Debt Collection



BarnettGarcia is a full service commercial debt collection law firm. In addition to filing suit, we utilize several pre and post litigation techniques to provide a comprehensive solution to the collection of delinquent accounts.


Collection Litigation on behalf of Creditors and Financial Institutions

BarnettGarcia has an extensive practice representing a variety of creditors. Whether you are a merchant who provided goods and/or services or a lender, defaults arising from a failure to pay or a breach of the terms and conditions governing an agreement typically result in suit being brought against the defaulting party. In the event that the debt is secured, BarnettGarcia’s attorneys will sequester the collateral or bring suit against the debtor for foreclosure and satisfaction of the underlying debt. Once a judgement is obtained, our attorneys proceed with post judgement activities taking into account the probable rate of return in order to maximize a creditor’s recovery.