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Insolvent Carrier Representation

Insolvent Carrier Representation


Receivership Estate Representation

Currently, BarnettGarcia serve as counsel to Prime Tempus, Inc., Special Deputy Receiver for Vesta Fire Insurance Corporation and Highlands Insurance Company. Previously, we have served as counsel to Resolution Oversight Corporation, Special Deputy Receiver for Financial Insurance Company of America, in Receivership; Prime Tempus, Inc., Special Deputy Receiver for the Colonial Casualty Insurance Company; H. Koehler Co., Inc., Special Deputy Receiver for Universal Insurance Exchange; and Jo Ann Howard & Associates, P.C., Special Deputy Receiver for Metro West Health Plan, Inc.

BarnettGarcia is familiar with the receivership code found in the Texas Insurance Code, including the preparing and filing of appropriate applications and pleadings in the receivership court, preparing cost benefit analysis, advising and participating in litigation activities identified by the SDR,  advising and participating in hearings and special conferences with the Special Master or District Court, terminating and assisting in the auditing process of contractors, reviewing and drafting settlement agreements, providing general counsel to the Special Deputy Receiver and assisting in the transition and closure of a receivership estate.